19 January 2008

The walker

Today little big Daniel took his first steps! I was holding his arms and Dennis was sitting in front of him on the floor. Annalivia was right there too and I let go of his arms and Daniel just walked to Daddy. We all clapped and cheered and he did it about three more times. Then Annalivia wanted to do it too. So she walked for us. We gave her hugs, too, but it was slightly less celebratory. :)
We called the family to let them know. My grandparents passed the news on to Freespirit Uncle who sent us this hilarious note.

Glad to hear DaBob is getting up and around. Please inform him when he feels up to it his great uncle would like to speak to him of a place called the “Horizon”.

Yours in mobility without fear,

Very sweet. But next time I see him coming, I may have to pick up Daniel and head in the other direction.
I can hardly handle seeing my baby boy walking towards Daddy. Walking towards the horizon may put this momma over the edge.


Kalin said...

I wonder how The Scooter feels about this new development...

Jan said...


mid-life rookie said...

I'm soooo pleased to read how you met Annalivia's needs. One of my most difficult memories is being told to quit acting silly when I emulated something that was getting younger sister attention. You are awesome parents! Blessings.