17 January 2008

Oh how I love podcasts

I have an iPod now. I got it by giving it to my husband for his birthday. Only it wasn't really what he wanted/needed, so he passed it on to me and bought his own iPod. Which was sort of my plan anyway after agonizing for days over which iPod to get for him. I figured if he didn't want the one he got, I could take it.
Et, voila! I have an iPod.
And although I used to be a "music person" with the latest album from my favorite bands, I feel as though I have little to no space in my head for popular music since I had kids. Why is that, I wonder? I do enjoy my classical and standards, but I just don't ever really listen to my music anymore. What I really like these days is intelligent talk radio. Our NPR station here has talk from 5 a.m. to 7 p.m. I love it. And if the NPR stuff is too violent or contentious or whatever, I will listen to Moody Bible talk radio (unless it also is too violent or contentious or whatever). I only ever listen to it in the car or after the kids go to sleep at home (because when they aren't asleep the last thing we need is more talking), but I do love me some good talk radio.
Which is why I am absolutely in love with the whole free-podcast concept. For some reason, my iTunes store is the UK version, so I first had access to all the BBC podcasts. They are wonderful. BBC Scotland has some great ones. And, of course, there's the NPR/PRI podcasts; I love getting The Splendid Table because we don't have that show on my current NPR station.
But my favorite so far is Pray As You Go, a podcast put together by the Jesuits in Britain. (These are the Sacred Space folks. ish.) It is such a great podcast -- scripture, gentle reflection, gorgeous music. Absolutely lovely.
I highly recommend it. And I would love to check out others that bloggy friends have found. Anyone else got any good ones to share?


Mrs Wibbs said...

Lucky you! I would love an iPod...
I've tagged you for a quick (and hopefully painless) meme btw.

more cows than people said...

oh, welcome to the joys of iPods and podcasts!

my hubby has a sacred music podcast, but that is more pdfs than sound files. if you're curious about the music he's composing e-mail me and I'll send you that info.

you do know about wait, wait don't tell me and this american life, right?

and speaking of faith??? you must know about that. that is a FABULOUS podcast.

and stories on stage?

The NPR food, NPR religion, etc. ones are also quite good- all the bits from the news all week on whatever topic.

Are you into grammar? I just recently found Grammar Girl's Quick and Dirty Tips for Better Writing. Fun stuff.

And I'm glad you found Pray as you Go. It is great.

Anonymous said...

The BBC is GREAT! I only wish we had access to them here somehow. I have an ipod, too - you've inspired me to do some downloading!


tongue in cheek said...

What wonder, what joy to have access to such special places. So when you are stuck in traffic, or waiting for someone you have a way to pass the time with people and places you love.