25 January 2008

Friday Five: Deep Freeze Edition

From the RevGals:
1. What is the thermometer reading at your house this morning?
This morning when I looked at it, it was -7. I'm assuming it's warmer now. Probaby -3.

2. Snow—love it or hate it?
Um, if those are the only two options... love it. Especially in theory. In actuality, I begin to tire of it in mid-January. By February, I loathe it. Aren't I a typical midwesterner that way?

3. What is winter like where you are?
This winter is snowy and cold and much like a proper midwest winter. Most other winters lately have been mild with not much snow, ice or any kind of precipitation. I like the snow. We'll actually deserve spring this year.

4. Do you like winter sports? Any good stories?
In my life, avoiding the Epiphany blahs at church is a winter sport. Which makes for lots of good stories, none of which are printable.

5. What is your favorite season, and why?
I think I like spring best, especially the spring thaw around St. Patrick's Day when the earth greens and the it is still cold and it seems like the promise of color and blooms is just around the corner...

Bonus: Share a favorite winter pick-me-up. A recipe, an activity, or whatever.
Well, the bed is large, has flannel sheets and a down comforter and my husband is nice and warm... :)


more cows than people said...

ah yes... the bed... the warm husband...

glad you're getting a proper winter.

spring on st. patrick's day? oh the dream of it.

Sally said...

warm bed yup- with you there- but I am beginning to think I have never experienced a proper winter!

Songbird said...

Oh, flannel sheets, etc, are very, very nice!