24 January 2008

The day I ruined dinner... again

Last night I ruined dinner. I was making beef and noodles which is a perfect meal for cold weather like we've had. I had a great chuck roast in the pressure cooker. It had cooked for about an hour and smelled just amazingly wonderful. Dennis came home and I released the pressure on the cooker, opened it up and saw a perfectly cooked roast...
on top of a melted plastic pad that butchers stick in the bottom of a styrofoam meat tray.
I really hate to throw away food, but I especially hate to throw away food when it would have been perfectly fine had I not screwed it up.
Tonight I'll have to try to redeem myself.


Andrea said...

April... I had to laugh at your story because I got a good one for you.

When I was living at home my mom asked me to put the ham in the oven (She was gone). So I put the ham in the oven, turned it on, you know all that stuff. My mom got home shortly afterwards and dumb me actualy put it in there with the wrap around it.. yes the plastic wrap. I thought that was how it was supposed to be cooked. I was in COLLEGE, oldest of TEN. My family will never let me live that one down.

I'm sure your a great cook - the food you sent here was great when we had Amelia. I wish I could say the same. ha ha!

Jan said...

What a disappointment!

musicmommy3 said...

So sad for you. Glad that you can probably laugh about it today though. :)

The other night I had made the BEST mashed potatoes I had done in a LONG time. I also made corn to go along with them because i like to mix the two together on my plate. Anyway, as I was taking glasses out of the cupboard one hit the counter and smashed into many many many many many pieces. I was practically distraught to notice that the corn and the mashed potatoes were right in the "line of fire" and I had to throw them out!!! I had already dished up some on our plates but I had been SOOOO looking forward to having them for several days. :(

Your story made me feel better. Thanks for sharing. :)