23 January 2008

Toddler Wobbler

It is fun to watch Daniel walk. He walks everywhere now and is getting faster and more enthusiastic.
What has been hilarious, though, is to watch Annalivia watch Daniel walking. Most of the time she is very encouraging. She smiles at him and laughs and says, "Here he comes!!" like we do.
But occasionally, she looks at him for a second with this little secret smile and then she will just reach out and give him a little tap, whether from the front or the back, and down he'll go.
I don't know that she's being particularly malicious because it's always a very gentle little push; I think that he just looks so ... unbalanced. He has his little arms out in front of him and is up on his tiptoes and has kind of a maniacal excitement on his face... I think he just kind of screams out "Big sister! I'm knockable!!"

So, although she is spending lots of time on the couch after such events, there is part of me that thinks -- what kind of big sister would she be if she didn't answer such an obvious call? :)


Andrea said...

Cute, cute, cute! Oh Annalivia, I'd do the same thing. Hee hee!

j said...

I'm gonna go out on a limb here and guess that Kalin might have a thing or two to say about this! "Like Mother, Like Daughter," for instance!

Back to the 12 Dancing Princesses--it's embarrassingly kitsch, but seriously, who wouldn't love to discover a secret passageway in their room, with a secret dance to open it, and a secret underground world within?? It's just TOO GOOD!!

Jenna said...

Wow. Really, it is just hard for me to think of him walking! I know, it is strange. But he was just a tiny baby! How does that happen? That growing up thing?

Kalin said...

I'll have to observe this for my expose on abusive older siblings. I will put it right after the chapter about youngest children who were put on the roof and told the fly god was coming to get them.

Speaking of which, can I have a picture of you from when you were about 15 or so? I need it for...something...unrelated to the book...