02 January 2008

Fast away the old year passes

Well, it's 2008.

Lord, I'm old.

We had a very nice New Year's celebration. It was Dennis and the kids and I on New Year's Eve. And on New Year's Day friends came over for dinner and to watch Illinois lose. :(

This morning, Annalivia woke up and announced that she needed to go pee-pee in the potty. Which she did all morning and afternoon until naptime. She must have run into the bathroom and hopped on the toilet about 50 times this morning. At least. But she kept those undies dry. I'm so proud of her.

I'm thinking about making some gentle resolutions this year. Is Jan. 2 or Jan. 3 too late to make resolutions? How 'bout Jan. 4 or 5?

And in other news, for the first time since Oct. 14, we have a tv plugged in at our house and in our main living area, no less. Right now I have it on while the kiddos are napping and I realized that, had I asked Dennis to move it in tomorrow evening instead of this weekend, I might have missed every single political ad for the Iowa primaries. Oh well.


Rochelle said...

Thank you for welcoming me to revgalblogpals. You are DOC too--good to meet others out there =). I have a three year old who has been potty trained for about 4 months--it is a glorious thing when they finally get it =)...and I have yet to make any resolutions. Maybe I'll resolve to do it tomorrow =)

Jan said...

Any time is a new beginning. I need to remember that. So resolutions can be any day. . . .

Anonymous said...

Oh HUSH!! "Lord, I'm old."

PUHLEEZ!!!!! :)

~Dawn C