31 January 2008

Exciting Lenten idea

I don't know if I am starting this early enough, or if it will work, but someone might want to steal it, so I'm sharing.
Today, I am going to buy a couple of packets of sweet peas at good ol' WalMart. I'm going to soak them for a day and then put a few of them into terracotta pots that have potting soil and Miracle Grow in them. THEN -- and this is the cool part -- I'm going to stick a cross about 18 inches tall, (made out of two twigs, bound together with raffia) about 6 inches into the pot. After Ash Wednesday, I'm going to wrap the pot in burlap and take them to church and stick them in the sanctuary windows.
I'm not going to tell anyone about what is under the soil. My hope is that the little peas will grow and that I can get them to grow enough to help them up the twigs and that it will surprise and delight everyone and that they will invite all their friends and family members to see them and that by Easter we will have crosses that are greening and maybe even blooming and 50 new members to add to the church!
Ok -- not really on the 50 new members, but won't it be cool if it works?


more cows than people said...

very cool idea. i tried folks planting seeds on easter... but they never grew. hope your plan works beautifully.

Cara said...

love that idea :) Nursing and catchin up on blogs... :)