22 January 2008

Humiliating confession

I am in love with this movie. The sisters, the lovely theme, the dancing, the music, the non-prince. It's so sweet.

And I'm a dork.


j said...

OMG, April! It's a frequently-requested favorite at my house...not always by the 5-year-old!

Kalin said...

You are a giant nerd, and this is coming from someone who designs websites and used to collect comic books.

If this movie and Center Stage were hanging off a cliff and you could only save one, which would it be?

April said...

OMG, J!!!!! My favorite part is when they have to dance together out of the story and the theme swells and all the sisters join in and they rise up in the air. I want to cry every time.
How come none of the other Barbie movies are as good as this one?

Oh, yeah... they're Barbie movies...

Kali...Your statement isn't really factual, i.e. "used to collect comic books," but I'll answer your question. Totally this one. All the way. I wish they had a soundtrack available for it.

~liz said...

"...and they rise up in the air..."

but i doubt we'll ever have this movie at our home..with three boys and all. i guess you never know.

thanks for the meme - i filled it out today...