27 January 2008

A time for everything

Well, for the first time in 10 years of Sundays, I took a voluntary sick day.
I had to take a couple of involuntary sick days when I was on bed-rest with Annalivia and again when we were in the big car accident when I was pregnant with Daniel. This one I took because I got sick last night after dinner and tried divesting myself of dinner. I called the board chair and told him I was sick and told him that I would try my darndest to get there this morning, but I was giving him the heads up.
This morning, it was clear I was going nowhere. So since the board chair had his head already up, church went on without me.
And it apparently went really well.
And I stayed home and slept in while Dennis took care of the kids and now, I'm feeling better, though my head is killing me.
I'm hoping that the whole thing was just a 24 hour flu. It started with me having a REALLY puffy face though on Sat. morning. So what would that be about?


more cows than people said...

so glad you took care of yourself. i've never taken a sick day on a sunday, but... i should have more than once, i think. course i've only been at this 5 and a half years.

glad you're feeling a bit better.

hey, i caught up on one of my other podcasts last week and realized i didn't tell you about it. Radio Lab from WNYC. check it out. it is OUTSTANDING! particularly the Emergence episode and the Musical Language episode. They're planning to release new episodes starting in February. In the mean time there's the archives. They've done some interesting specials recently- one on Wagner's Ring Cycle (which is weird because it is mostly a show about scientific topics) that actually made me interested in Wagner and in opera- two things I did not think were possible. I've almost listened to it twice through.

Peace, MC

Dusty said...

Oh feel better soon! Peace, D

mid-life rookie said...

Hope you are better. I had to cancel my preaching assignment at small church in distant town. I probably could have preached, but no way could I drive myself 200 miles while coughing crud. It was hard to let go, but someone else covered and the service went well. Don't ya hate that we are so replaceable ;-)

musicmommy3 said...

I hope you feel better today April. :)

Many blessings!