17 January 2008

Memes galore

I've been tagged by Angela and Mrs. Wibbs to do two memes. Since Angela tagged me first -- a long, long time ago -- sorry, Angela -- here is this one.

Book Meme
1. One book that changed your life.
Traveling Mercies -- I read it in seminary when everything was shifting. I was just so darn grateful to Anne Lamott for being just completely real.

2. One book that you have read more than once.
All of the Madeleine L'Engle juvenile books, Little House on the Prairie (except Farmer Boy), all of the Harry Potters, all of the Narnia books, The Witch of Blackbird Pond -- pretty much any book I love, I've read more than twice because I never read them well enough the first time to catch everything.

3. One book that you would want on a desert island.
The Bible

4. One book that made you laugh.
Any Dave Barry book.

9. One book you have been meaning to read.
Oh my goodness, this list could be interminable. How about Unbinding the Gospel?

I'm tagging Roo and Amy who loves books and Jill-who-seldom-blogs-anymore. That's right, Jill! Hah!

Love/ Hate Meme
I love to eat: tiramisu, Mom's corned beef, Grammy's pretty-much-anything
I hate to eat: well-done steak, most canned vegetables
I love to go: driving at dusk in the summer
I hate to go: to Super Wal-Mart during the day
I love it when: Daniel and Annalivia laugh at each other
I hate it when: I know that I've screwed something up
I love to see: a straightened up house
I hate to see: messes everywhere
I love to hear: my loves laugh
I hate to hear: the Harleys ruin a lovely day or the moron in the next block revving his hot rod engine during naptime

I'm tagging Donna (have you already done this, Donna?) and Liz.

Of course, y'all who have been tagged can just ignore me. Or do it in a few months. :)


Mrs Wibbs said...

Quite a few of your 'loves' and 'hates' are similar to mine (or would be if I'd thought of them!!!) Thanks for doing this :o)

Donna Boucher said...

I have not done this meme.
And I'm gonna do it on Monday :o)

j said...

Ooh--you nailed me! I'll do the meme...and try to get back to blogging! January has SO not been my month!