12 January 2008

Deal of the year... thus far

I found this Lord and Taylor wool jon-jon at a thrift store last week. It looked almost new, but was 75 cents.

I'm pretty sure it was so cheap because it had this monogram on it. RES doesn't really work for Daniel Robert de los Stews... but I bought it anyway.

I determined that the whole monogram would rip out pretty easily, but first I ripped out part of the R and the bottom of the E. It looked pretty good.
So, I handed it over to a person far-more-skilled-than-I-and-with-a-much-cooler-sewing-machine-than-I-and-infinitely-greater-levels-of-patience-than-I -- my mother-in-law, Alice.

Who made it into this.

I'm so pleased. Parents with little boys will tell you how difficult it is to find nice dress clothing. Let alone nice dress clothing on a budget.
My internet research leads me to believe that this was $38 new. I think we'll be able to use it for Easter with a nicer shirt than this polo.
And though, probably, the D of the monogram should be a little more diamond-shaped...
for 75 cents -- I'll take it.
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Anonymous said...

what a deal! i would imagine that DRS moves so fast that there is little time to be noting the diamond shape of the D. :)


tongue in cheek said...

What a beautiful little doll you have!