12 July 2007

VBS and possible daquiris

We have been having a great time at Vacation Bible School this week. This is the first time my little church has done VBS for at least the last seven years, but I think it has been more like 10.
Sidenote -- it is hilarious to me that some folks talk about the last time that we did VBS as something that was just last year or so. I'm in my 7th year here and we've never done VBS. Church time just functions differently than the rest of the world, I guess.
Anyway, this year, we are doing VBS and it has been fun. Really fun. Tiring, of course, but great, not only for the kids who have come (which is up to 19 now, not counting mine -- a 1900% increase over worship attendance by children other than Annalivia and Daniel) but for the adults, also.
The funny thing is that our theme is water-centered and on a rotation model where the kids visit four different stations during the evening, so folks have been making jokes about how the adults will need to have a special margarita/ daquiri station the last night of Bible school after the kids go home. And now, there is an actual party in the planning.
I've enjoyed joking around with them, but I'm not sure whether I should go to the party. I am not opposed to drinking alcohol, I just don't do it anymore really. If I was a 40 year old pastor of a congregation, I might go and throw back a daquiri with my middle-aged congregants. But as the young girl who came here a little too recently-departed from college-frat-party age, I feel a little odd about it. Probably I will go for a bit, enjoy the frivolity sans fruity drink, and then leave them to their crazy fun without the pastoral presence to hem them in.
I don't know... I'm probably being too stuffy, aren't I? A few years ago (closer to the college-frat-party age), I wouldn't have thought twice about joining in. I'm such an old fuddy-duddy now.
Well, regardless, VBS has been great. I think we'll all be ready for it next year. And for us, that's what really deserves a celebration!


Amy said...

If you want a drink, by all means, have one. If you don't want one, don't have one. Don't let your issues about your role muddy things. Sometimes it's nice for people to see their pastor as a real person.

Amalee Issa said...

the calling to the religious life is essentially a calling into loneliness, I think. When the creator speaks, I think He speaks to us as individuals, not to us as a family unit. He has called you April, called you out into the wilderness... Hosea 2:16-17 21-22. So if it was me, I'd refuse the daiquiri... in favour of a turbo-charged G&T. Go for it girl!

April said...

Thanks, Amy.

I think, for me, my congregation has unfortunately had far too many opportunities to see me in all my terribly non-glorious reality. Probably what they need most at this point is to see me act like their pastor -- responsible spiritual leader -- raucous fun, but spiritual. Those aren't mutually exclusive, right? :) However, somehow I've had a hard time seeing how margaritas fit into that.

April said...

Amalee... I missed your comment! You are hilarious! Hosea would probably have been a lot happier with a few G&T's!