03 July 2007

Transformation of a backyard part 2

Last week, my brother in law came up to help Dennis remove a huge blue spruce in the middle of the backyard. The white thing in the bottom right corner is the roofline of the neighbor's house, which helps illustrate how tall the tree was.
It was a kind of hot day, but Jake was wearing proper tree cutting clothing. He looks sort of like a catalog model, eh?

Especially in this shot.

And this one. Even when expressing disappointment over the chainsaw that didn't work, he looks like an ad for Gander Mountain.

Dennis on the other hand, uh... not so much. He doesn't dress the part, but he's got street cred. He took that sucker down with a sawzall.
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Kalin said...

I thought it was a turkey carver, but sawzall sounds better.

more cows than people said...

uh yeah, your brother does look like a model!

go dennis with a sawzall! what's a sawzall?

April said...

It's my brother-in-law. Just want to clarify that we unfortunately don't share the same genepool when it comes to rugged outdoor looks.

And a sawzall, well... it saws "all". Does that help?

Cara said...

April- I laughed out loud at the sawzall part.