31 July 2007

The first seven hours "without" tv

And by"without," I mean "with." My resolve lasted less than 5 hours. Annalivia was awake a little before 5 a.m. and did not go back to bed after being up and sick off and on all night last night. Daniel is sick, too, and was slightly less disruptive, but needy nonetheless all night. When I picked him up this morning to burp him, he threw up -- not spit up -- threw up all over me and my hair. I am tired. I am now very smelly. I am also very grumpy.
Needless to say, tv went on. How else does one entertain sick children and remove baby vomit from one's head at the same time?


Anonymous said...

I should answer your question, but I have no idea! I just dropped by to let you know that I started a new blog - http://pauseforamoment.wordpress.com/

and I am hoping to be a bit more of a regular poster. You never know!

love, Valerie

Sarah said...

Oh, honey! I am SOOOO sorry!

I hope those babies are feeling better SO soon (and Mommy & Daddy too, rested and refreshed). You have total props from Hugh-ville: if one of mine got up that early, I'd still consider it the middle of the night. Add some upchuck to the mix and my hand would be on the remote faster than Doc Holliday on a pistol (or a shot of whiskey).

5 hours is AWESOME! Way to go! Praying that Annalivia will sleep so well and Daniel will be feeling much, much better!

Jan said...

It's tough. You'll laugh about this someday, in a LONG time! Five hours is a good start. Remember not to try to commit to anything new while you or your children have one or more of the signs of HALT--
Any of those indicators, mean be gentle with yourself and others!

~liz said...

i'm impressed...but i'll miss your blogs! hurry back in september, and peek your head in every once in a while! :)