07 July 2007

Tidbits Meme

My friend, Heather, tagged me, so here are some random tidbits. In 5's.

Five Things I Was Doing Ten Years Ago...
  1. Getting ready to leave Eureka to go to seminary
  2. Crying about getting ready to leave Eureka to go to seminary
  3. Preaching at New Bedford Christian Church for the summer
  4. Not thinking about how I had no business preaching anywhere for the summer
  5. Annoying my sistahs while home from college for the summer

Five Snacks I Enjoy...
  1. Oil popped popcorn with just salt
  2. Really crisp and cold apples
  3. Colby cheese slices
  4. Lindt extra dark chocolate truffles
  5. Butter flavored pretzel braids

Five Songs I Know the Lyrics to...
  1. Great is Thy Faithfulness (the processional hymn at our wedding)
  2. Be Thou My Vision (sung at my ordination and wedding and Annalivia's infant dedication)
  3. Amazing Grace
  4. You're a Grand Old Flag
  5. Theme Song to Kipper the Dog

Five Things I'd Do if I Were a Millionaire...
  1. Give -- to my church and Eureka College and CARE International
  2. Pay off all debt
  3. Invest for retirement, children's educations, etc.
  4. Quit my job and be a 100% at home wife/ mom
  5. Buy a house that we love and can live in for a long time

Five Bad Habits...
  1. Nervous eating
  2. Total lack of exercise
  3. Fingernail chewing
  4. Blog over-checking
  5. Rampant sarcasm

Five Things I'd Never Wear Again...
  1. My wedding dress (I loved it, but, uh... what's the point?)
  2. Sleeveless tops (because nobody wants to see that)
  3. White socks and dark shoes
  4. Pegged jeans (not even if they come back into style)
  5. A cast in the middle of summer, if I had the option

Five Things I Like To Do...
  1. Mother my children
  2. Smooch on my husband
  3. Cook good food
  4. Hang out with friends
  5. Obsess about complex and probably meaningless theological issues

Five Favorite Toys...
  1. Baby dolls
  2. Wood blocks and marble runs
  3. Third-world toys like this
  4. Nativity sets
  5. Play kitchen sets

Five People I'm Tagging
  1. Kalin, my sistah, whose answers will probably make me laugh til I cry
  2. Jimmy, who blogs erratically, and this should be plenty easy to do
  3. Joby, who needs something to do, I'm sure
  4. Amalee, whose answers I mightn't fully understand but will be fascinating because she's one very cool chica
  5. Tonya, because if she actually reads this blog I will faint. I kind of want to be her.

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