19 July 2007


One of the ongoing problems resulting from our September accident has been difficulty using our ankles that were sprained. Because they are lower extremity sprains, and really bad to begin with, they have been very slow to heal. What this means is that some days, it is very hard to walk or climb stairs or do much movement at all. It is further compounded when we favor the sore ankle and thus cause stress to the other foot or knees or even hips. (We're incredibly pitiful, can you tell?) And probably the biggest thing working against the healing of these joints is that we're, well -- no need to sugarcoat it -- massively huge individuals.
This has created a vicious process. The more we sit around, the more huge we get. The more huge we get, the more we sit around. Fun times.
This week, however, I had a glimmer of hope when a friend suggested to me that we get into water aerobics or swimming. I have never been able to do any sport in my life, but swimming -- well I was actually passable. And I love it.
So I checked into various programs and found that though our local Y is pretty expensive for a family membership, they offer a child care service during one of the water fitness classes and again at times when Dennis could swim. It would be worth it, if we'd use it.
I was excited. I was all ready to get us signed up this afternoon.
Until the glaring obstacle occured to me that anyone who has seen me in the past month or has read this blog would readily recognize. I have a huge, freakin' fiberglass cast on my arm! And that might, maybe, just a little, impede water activities like, oh, say... swimming, water aerobics or, as I experience every day... showering.
So. Setback. But at least there's an option for the future. That helps a little.


jill said...

Brave, brave Chica to post this! I love your honesty and wit. And I love that it's exactly like my life, this idea to Have A Solution, and then have something like a giant freaking cast to get in the way of it! Laughing with you, Sistah!

Sarah said...

Oh now it's just ironic and wrong to find this perfect solution a few weeks too early. Oy. Gotta love motherhood... it's like we all *attract* randomness like this.