29 July 2007


Little Annalivia is sick this weekend. She went to bed on Friday night and shortly thereafter developed a barking cough which kept her and us up much of the night. I didn't notice that she was getting sick before that and I wonder whether I was just negligent or whether she really wasn't exhibiting symptoms. The kid is sick so rarely, I think I just wasn't paying attention.
Anyway, she is sick and Dennis is tired so he and the kids stayed home from church today. I went, of course, and then came home to have lunch and take a nap with Annalivia. Upon awaking, I realized I don't feel too great either.
And Daniel has been awfully fussy today, too. I am imagining that tomorrow might be a day to spend at the doctor's office.
In the meantime, Dennis is taking spectacular care of everyone. He let me sleep a little more and took Daniel on a little outing during Annalivia's nap and now has built Annalivia a fort using the couch pillows in the living room.
Feeling icky is not much fun, but I'm glad we have Dennis around. He's a good antidote to whatever ails us.


Jan said...

Get well. Healing love to all in your family.

Jan said...

April, I hope you're all better today. Thanks for coming by my blog!