21 July 2007

Potter!! Potter!! Potter!!

Well, I'm done and all I can say for the whole thing is HURRAH!! Great book. Great.

Without a doubt, my favorite line was delivered by Mary Weasley in the last pages of the book. Made me want to cheer out loud.

You know, I'm not even sad that the whole thing is over, it was so good. Hurrah for Harry Potter !

Now I think I'll get a little sleep.


~liz said...

you're kidding, right? you're DONE? i was wondering if peple bought the book at midnight and read it by now...and...you did! wow. i'm impressed.
now sheepishly back to my muggle corner as i bought the last book and STILL haven't read IT. :(
(and i do love potter!)

Kalin said...

It's Molly Weasley, dude.

Man, I have to tell you EVERYTHING about Harry Potter these days!

haha I'm kidding, though next time I make you give a detailed explanation of an entire book for me, I'm going to request some shadow puppets, so be prepared.

April said...

Oh, man. I SO cannot stay up all night anymore.

And I hope the next book report is before I get my hook, or it had better be Watership Down.

Amalee Issa said...

Good grief. You've read that book? m.b.e.d.'s just at (wait while i nip upstairs and ask her) page 283, in chapter 18. i said, april's just finished it, i think she got it in chicago at midnight too. m.b.e.d. replied, i'm not surprised, it's a real page-turner. and just so you know, it's 00.56hrs on sunday morning, 22 july 2007.


marlo said...

i'm embarrassed (and oddly proud) that i've never actually read a hp book. maybe now that school is almost over for the summer, i'll check the first one out from the library. or, not.
hope you're doing well april. love you.

April said...

I'm done, but I read it straight through the night. I actually got through the first two chapters in the store, then drove 20 minutes home, and read until 7:15 with a couple of bathroom breaks.

I have always read stuff I like quickly, which used to drive my elementary school teachers nuts. But I always have plenty to reread. I miss details sometimes, which means that I can read a book 8 times and find something new, or at least not very familiar, to me.

Also, I was highly motivated. I knew I had only so many hours to read, sleep and finish the stuff for church tomorrow. That's a powerful kick in the rear to read with purpose.

Liz, go read number 6!! You probably know most all that happens anyway!!

April said...

M -- read them, the Star Trek fan who could hold complicated separate galaxies in your mind would love them, I think. They're great books.

Jan said...

You and my 25 year old daughter read fast! She finished it Saturday night, and I finished the book this afternoon (on Sunday). Great book! It's nice to know someone else who's read it.

Dawn said...

April, you are the reason I started reading Potter. I had written it off for SO long - but because of your delight in it, I decided to "give it a try" :D

Got the book home at 12:25 and let my son read it first. He handed it over at 6 pm. I didn't get started until 9 pm and I just sucked it down!

They really are incredibly well written books. MAN!

So, thank you for the encouragement to enjoy Potter. :)

April said...

So glad you enjoyed it, Dawn! I think I'm going to miss them!