25 July 2007

No sympathy

Tonight as I was showering with one arm held over my head, wrapped in a plastic bag and feeling a little perturbed by the whole endless saga, I remembered how, right after the accident, I was talking to the insurance agent assigned to our case on the phone. He was asking me some questions and I was trying to rifle through papers to find the info, one-handed, of course. I apologized for the time it was taking and said something like, "It's hard to do this stuff with only one hand."
To which the lovely man replied, "I understand. I actually have only one arm, myself."


more cows than people said...

perspective is such a gift and you seem to possess it so often, april. sounds like God gives it when it's needed. i myself would probably be VERY whiny by this time in your arm situation. bless you.

Amalee Issa said...

April, I know you are a gifted Pastor, loving and loved wife mother sistah daughter neighbour etcetera etcetera, but couldn't you just consider the possibilty of giving it all up to write scripts? This is post is giftedly zeitgeist. You have a truly brilliant talent. I'm going to compose a post tonight, just to celebrate your post!

amalee, (knackered from clearing and relaying a gravel path today)

Amy said...

well, that puts it all in perspective, now doesn't it?!

Anonymous said...

Lucky are you to know that you will have the usage of your arm back. Perspectives.. it's what life is all about. Knowing what wonderful gifts God has given us and knowing that the cup is usually half full. A great big hug from your long lost friend.. Emily Trefzger mmuah. Tried to e-mail you but I guess I'm not that talented. Amy "brown" gave me your blog site. campos7@verizon.net talk to you soon. EM