25 July 2007

Rarin' to go

As I recall, when Annalivia was a baby, she awakened in stages. She went from sound asleep to slightly fitful to opening her eyes and then dozing in and out of consciousness. Finally, she'd rouse herself and be fully awake.
Daniel, on the other hand, seems to go from asleep to fully awake and ready to go. He just woke up from a nap (right his sister fell asleep, of course *sigh*). So I picked him up and tried to get him back to sleep. But he just popped up his head and grinned, stuck out his tongue, and blew a few raspberries while flapping his arms and legs.
I wish I woke up like that.


Amalee Issa said...

Erm, only Dennis knows the truth of that, April!!! Now I'm laughing at the thought. Love this blog blog-sistahhhh

April said...

Oh my goodness. Well now I'm blushing...