30 July 2007

Turning off, tuning in

We have decided to accept the challenge to turn off our tv entirely for the month of August. Because Dennis and I don't watch much tv, I don't anticipate that we will miss watching any shows. What I think will be difficult for us is to not depend on the tv as a babysitter for our kids. When Annalivia wakes up at 5:45-6:15 in the morning, I usually put on a dvd for her to watch while Daniel and I sleep a bit more. The problem is that I also put on a dvd for her to watch when Daniel is being fed. And one when I need to get lunch on the table. And dinner. And... well, you get the picture.
So. We are unplugging the tv and will have to rely on parental ingenuity to entertain our child and the grace of God alone to drag my sorry rear out of the bed in the morning. Pray for us, eh?
In addition to unplugging from tv, I'm going to be unplugging from the computer. I will try to blog frequently for our family and friends who are not here and just will miss the minutiae of our lives terribly if I were to stop entirely (*snort, snort*) but they won't be large posts, I don't think. Who knows...
In the meantime I am going to try to read three -- that's 3 -- as in three more than I read now -- books this month. I have a stack to get through and they're just multiplying all over the place so it's now or never, I suppose.
It's my hope that unplugging like this and being more conscious of my leisure choices will help me tune into my life a bit more. Anyone else want to take the challenge? And be my accountability pal with reading?


Sarah said...

What a great idea, April! [wiggling, feeling a little convicted b/c little angels can sing the Backyardigans theme song] I hope you thoroughly enjoy your books! You should tell us which three you'll be focusing on (and I'll feel less guilty reading your list!)

Amy said...

That's great! We got rid of the living room TV for these very reasons.

We also turn off the TV altogether on Sunday. The kids really look forward to Sabbath now, as a time to play games or do other special things sans TV.

Good luck and stay strong. You'll find all kinds of great parenting techniques you never knew you had!

musicmommy3 said...

You know , 2 1/2 year olds can help in SOOO many ways. She would probably just like to spend that time helping you. Of course things will go slower and be a bit more chaotic but you will get to hang out with her.
Now the 5:00 thing...can't help you there. LOL I went through that thing for 5 years myself. BLESSINGS!! Remember- even if you don't accomplish it perfectly just work steadily toward excellence. Then, when/if you give in you will just move on and keep trying instead of feeling like a failure and giving up. BLESSINGS!