04 March 2008

A proper tea...ish

Annalivia has been wanting to have another tea party for a while, so today after Daniel went down for his nap, we had a proper tea party. Sort of. We had table linen and a lovely embroidered runner, teacups and an actual teapot and creamer jug. And we had hats.

What we did NOT have was a proper appreciation for tea.

I promise -- we did have a nice time...


Anonymous said...

Ok, this is HILARIOUS!!!! She is BEAUTIFUL and your visual chronicle has me gasping!!!! You're a great photographer!
I (finally) just checked my own little spot and YES, oh my YES we need to get together if you all get down here! That would be GREAT!!! Drop me an email as plans start falling in line.
Maybe we'll have a tea party -- with hot chocolate instead, perhaps? :)
(And I can't get my goofy Open ID to work, but this is Sarah!)

more cows than people said...

i LOVE, in Sarah's words, "your visual chronicles".

this is adorable.

Andrea said...

I loved tea party's when I was younger. =)

By the way.. she really is gorgeous - she has the most beautiful eyes.

Monica said...

What great shots! Those are the moments that a mom never wants to forget. I love the one where she is sipping off the spoon. What a big girl:)

musicmommy3 said...

Those are exactly the same faces I make when trying ot drink tea. :):)

I'm a coffee girl myself.

Looks like SO MUCH fun!!