05 March 2008

The perils of motherhood

Tonight, I had a church service to lead so I dressed sort of carefully in a new top and similarly-toned cardigan.
I made the mistake, however, of putting my clothes on a couple hours before I left. Mothers of small children, will tell you that's a poor idea, especially during cold season. I was reminded of this during a conversation with one of my more fun parishioners who has raised several children of her own.

Parishioner: You look nice. I think you have something in your hair, though.
Me *feeling hair*: Ugh! I think it's snot.
Parishioner: You also have something on your sweater.
Me *looking at smudge on sweater*: Also snot.
Parishioner: I hesitate to mention it, but you also have something there *pointing to my top*
Me: That would be... snot.
Parishioner: Well.... at least it goes with everything.


more cows than people said...


The Waltons said...

I can SO relate! :0)

Andrea said...

How funny! =) Hope you all are doing well with the husband gone. I would have a hard time.