24 March 2008

News bulletin -- tech-impaired moron learns how to read blogs

I am probably the last person in the blogosphere to figure this out, but I have just learned about Google Reader and I think it will change my blog-reading life.


Donna Boucher said...

I am still a moron.
I do not know of this magical google of which you speak ;o)

Andrea said...

I don't know what it is either???

April said...

Oh, I feel better. Thanks.

Well, I have google as my homepage and since I have a google account (a la Blogger) I can customize my homepage. One of the services is Google Reader. It allows one to subscribe to all the blogs one normally reads and then it posts when a blog updates automatically on one's Google homepage. It's awesome because I can see when all 70million blogs that I love have new posts. It means I can keep up with lots of them very easily.

If you decide to use it, some of the url's may not come through on the search. You may have to type in the name of the blog OR you might have to go to the blog and click on a subscribe button which should be somewhere on the blog, usually. I've been able to get all my blogs on it -- typepad, wordpress, dotcom's etc.

I'm so excited.

Andrea said...

Cool, Thanks April!

mid-life rookie said...

Thanks! This is great! I'll be reading you!