19 March 2008

My new best friend, CVS*


I went and got a deal today. I am such a newbie at this and am almost completely unable to do it on my own. But thanks to brilliant, wise and amazing Money Saving Mom and the very creative Centsible Sawyer, I was able to get -- 1 lipgloss worth $8.99, 1 bodywash worth $6.99, 2 deodorants worth $1.69 each and a gallon of milk -- ALL for $3.12!!!

AND I got $12 in Extra Care Bucks to spend next time. "Next time" is going to be tomorrow, I think, when I'm going to try out a different deal and see if I can make some more ECB's! So much fun -- and all this stuff I don't really need!

*with apologies to my real best friends.


Andrea said...


Anonymous said...

Not to rain on your parade or anything, but if you spent even $3.12 on stuff you didn't need you wasted your money.

Maybe I didn't understand. You got a great deal if I got it wrong.

April said...

No -- it wasn't stuff I need per se -- I don't need lipgloss to live and I can use regular bar soap and we have deodorant at home, BUT I can use it. We did need milk. And I wouldn't normally buy lipgloss, but I sure am enjoying wearing it today. And using the bodywash will mean not buying bar soap later.

I feel good about it. :)

Denise Sawyer said...

Great Job! You got some lip gloss to make a girl feel beautiful and some body wash and deodorant which ANYONE can definitely use FOR FREE REALLY!!! Because - you got it all for the price of the MILK. AND you got some ECBs to spend later (or not so later!) Sounds like you got more than your moneys worth so no wasting here!

Great job, and before you know it you'll go from newbie to super star CVS shopper! Keep up the good work and thanks for the linkage and the kind words -I like "creative!" :)

The "Cent"sible Sawyer

Cara said...

VERY cool! We have one in Billings, and we're moving to Billings soon... I'm excited to see what we can find!