12 March 2008

Mamet, I concur

Friends, and folks with access to my Facebook profile, and people who drive by my van with the John McCain sticker, know that I am trending towards a more conservative political view these days. David Mamet, well-known playwright, has recently published a piece, "Why I am no longer a brain-dead liberal." It resonates with me. You can read it here.

(Those with delicate sensibilities should know there is a bit of profanity.)


more cows than people said...

hmmm... just read it. thanks for this. i'll be chewing on it.

i like where it lands... a lot.

-M said...

HA! Dad sent it and I laughed HARD at the NPR bit, b/c I TOTALLY had one of those moments a couple of years ago. Whew. Good stuff.

~liz said...

i also laughed outloud at the NPR bit. :)
i have a love-hate relationship with David Mamet. I think it was when i found it impossible memorizing the lines of Carol in "Oleanna" for a course in acting during college. But then I saw "Vanya on 42nd street" and I still can't get through it without bawling at the end...lovely stuff.
I know this has nothing to do with your original post, and everything to do with the author. I do need to re-read it as it will be good conversation in coming months with family members and friends.

Anonymous said...

You know McCain had an affair like Clinton.

April said...


Jim and Amy Rennie said...

Okay . . .so I'm not a fan of McCain, clearly, but . . .I have chosen to remain silent in respect of you and your opinions. However, having noticed your blog where you mentioned the anonymous political comment, I had to come back to check this out.

Now the time has come to speak. I must just say this . . .HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA at the anonymous comment. That was seriously one of the funniest things I have seen in a while. Thanks, anonymous "affair-exposer" for brightening my day.

Jim and Amy Rennie said...

BTW, April, I love your response too. "Yep." hahahahaha