06 March 2008

The problem with being repetitive

So, someone in our house recently left for Russia. Upon saying goodbye, those of us at home gathered in the living room where I was a little teary. Annalivia climbed up on my lap and asked me why I was crying.
I told her that I was a little sad and why.
She wiped the tears off of my cheek with her hand and then asked very gently, "Can you go do your fussin' in your bedroom?"


Anonymous said...

Hello from Moscow, Russia

Did you know that if you type "Salt for the spirit" in Google over here, your blog is at the top of the list.


Tia Lynn said...

I laughed out loud on that one!

musicmommy3 said...

The best part was that she said it compassionately. :) I think you're doing more things right than you think you are. :)

Sarah said...

I LOVE it! That's hilarious!