25 March 2008

Hip, hip HOORAY!!

Oh, I have been far too "vocal" here on this blog today, but I MUST share my EXCITEMENT after coming home from a Ministry Teams meeting at church tonight!


This has been a five-year prayer of mine and tonight, it actually got calendared! And semi-organized! And I had almost nothing to do with it except that I asked if the guys were going to make us a Mother's Day breakfast and then pointed out that April would be an excellent time to have a men's group meeting so that the first big project together could be breakfast for us. And from there... it took off!!

Oh, I'm just so freaking excited!

AND -- we also decided to do an outreach dinner of some sort in the next few months, we calendared a dulcimer group to play at church and highlight our new adaptable sanctuary. We got Vacation Bible School on the calendar and started getting excited about that. We decided to invite a Bluegrass group to come and play for a special service this summer. The group asked me to look into hosting an ongoing parenting class this summer and we decided to hold an Ice Cream Social again. And we also decided to make a concerted outreach effort to children of folks already in our church as well as folks in the surrounding neighborhood.

I can hardly believe it.

After about five years of blah-ministry-as-usual, folks are excited about church!

I'm praying that nowadays I know enough to shut-up and stay out of the way of the Spirit's moving.

For, lo, it came to pass in Year 7...

that April was excited again!!

Oh, God is so, so, so, SOOOOOOO good!!


Ann Kroeker said...

So glad to read about this new adventure at your church! Also, it was fun to see your comment over at my blog (regarding the steel cut oats). I hope this is the official end to the gloppy mess you've dealt with in the past.

I hope you have a wonderful breakfast as you contemplate the joy of what God is doing...thanking and praising Him while enjoying a steaming bowl of perfect oatmeal!

Holly said...

Hey April...so good to reconnect! Yes, I visit you too...but usually have a little one on my lap and don't often leave comments!

Such good news regarding your church. You MUST be thrilled! :)

And...your family looked FABULOUS at Easter. :)

Sarah said...

How cool!!! And how very God of Him to show up like that!
You know, the 7th year was the year of Jubilee; it's the number of completion, fulfillment... maybe this is the beginning of your Jubilee!