26 March 2008

Beef that won't kill us

So we got half a beef today. It is grass-fed, organic and from a local farmer. We ended up paying about $3/ lb which is considerably more than we would pay for the regular old delicious and artery-hardening supermarket beef, but about as reasonable as we could find for the good stuff.

We haven't cooked with it yet, but I will post my impressions when we do. My sistah, Kali, the Hereford-lover is doubtful, I think, that we will appreciate it. But I think our arteries will appreciate will and they are our primary concern just now.


elizabethsmith said...

We bought 1/4 grassfed, organically raised cow a few weeks ago now and we LOVE it. I was amazed at how the ground beef smells like real steak when you cook it, and we can't eat store-bought ground beef anymore because it tastes rancid after eating our lovely grassfed cow. i'm sure you'll enjoy it!

Krista said...

i hope you will be pleasantly surprised :) we used to get ground beef from a farmer where we used to live - it was nice and lean and had such a wonderful flavor to it. it really is wonderful meat, in my opinion!