20 March 2008

More on CVS...

Since a couple of folks have asked about it...

Here are some great links on the CVS Extra Care Bucks Program.

A great intro is here. An article titled CVS 101 has more detailed info. There's even more info here, Making CVS Work for You.
It can be overwhelming. My advice is -- don't give into the pressure to find The Perfect Deal your first times doing it. I wandered around the store today for 30 minutes and emerged with nothing. Digest what you can and if you think it will help you and your family, go try it out, and try not to get discouraged.
And let me know how it goes!

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~liz said...

we lived 2 minutes from a CVS before moving to our current home (2 years ago). i think that's still the closest CVS to us (and it's an hour's drive away!). i do miss our neighborhood CVS. the local grocer and Family Dollar just doesn't cut it!