18 March 2008

Bloggity blahggity blah blah blah -- 10 things on a Tuesday

  1. Dennis is home! I picked him up from O'Hare on Sunday night at 7:40, got him home with requested pizza by 9:40. We walked into the house and Annalivia said, "Hi, Daddy," like it was any other day. Daniel was running laps, thanks in part, I think, to the steroids he's on. We all got to bed late, but it was worth it.
  2. Daniel is doing much better after a bout with... asthma, maybe? We were in the emergency room on Saturday for about 7 hours while he cried and wheezed and gasped and so on. But he's better now.
  3. My Holy Week is ending up to be pretty organized. I have services on Wed, Thurs, and Fri. I only have a bulletin, a meditation and a sermon to finish. I'm feeling pretty good about it.
  4. The carpet is almost done at church, which means we are going to get to spend some time on Thurs and Friday playing with Easter arrangements in the mostly finished sanctuary.
  5. My church secretary has been totally amazing lately -- coming in early, working hard, finishing everything in time, AND not doing anything "helpful," thus causing more work for me.
  6. Dennis has agreed to have a couple of yard sales this summer and spend the summer decluttering, organizing and painting up the parsonage as though we are going to live in it for the NEXT seven years, too. He has no classes this summer. That means he gets to be my peon. :)
  7. Our Easter outfits are coordinated and mostly assembled. I love Easter outfits.
  8. After church on Sunday, we are going out with some other pastors and their families for brunch. One couple we know very well. The other we are getting to know, but like tremendously so far. I'm looking forward to it and am praying for exemplary behavior from my daughter.
  9. I got an anonymous political comment recently. I kind of feel like I hit the big time.
  10. My Sunday paper did not have any of the coupon inserts in it. It had plenty of ads. No coupon inserts. This bothers me because I'm trying to legally pillage CVS through the Extra Bucks program and I planned to triumph today. Since my call to the paper has not been returned, I guess I'll have to wait.


Andrea said...

Glad to hear Dennis is back and all is well during this wonderful Holy Week. Hope Daniel starts feeling better soon - post pictures of your Easter outfits. Will be in regular clothes thanks to this weather. Ha ha!

marlo said...

Happy Easter April. Chris and I are headed to Illinois for the weekend to hang out with the family. 32 hours of driving, approx 72 hours of visiting...I'm tired already.

*also, eventhough I completely disagree with your views on McCain, I respect them and I did not leave the anonymous comment. In case you thought I might have...just wanted you to know...love ya*

April said...

HAH! Maria -- the thought of you NOT telling me if you disagree is hilarious! Have a safe trip. You ok?

Andrea... thanks for your good wishes and prayers. I'll post pics, if you do!

Andrea said...

April... I'm all about posting pictures if I get many. Ha ha ha! I already posted my snazzy new red shoes I'm going to wear. Hee hee!