03 September 2007

The worst form of punishment

One of the bloggers I regularly read has had a discussion going on the natures of the male and female parent. I have been thinking about it because in this family, Mommy tends to be the more strict parent, by far. My sistahs and I are all like this and this weekend my brother-in-law, Jake, told a story that illustrates this perfectly.
Jake and his daughter play a game where they pretend to be pirates. He is Blackbeard and my niece is Lightbeard. On this particular day, they and their mateys had captured a little zebra toy and were questioning him about the location of buried treasure.
Zebra wouldn't talk.
So Blackbeard asked his daughter, Lightbeard, "What should we do to him, Lightbeard?"
She thought for a moment.
"Let's send him to his mother."

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Jan said...

So funny (and probably true)!