04 September 2007

Poor Arnold

So Annalivia has this little baby doll whose name is Arnold. Its name started out being Jesus because I bought it after Annalivia was born to use at church on Christmas eve. Annalivia immediately loved it and tried to eat its head. They've had a close relationship since then.
For a long time Jesus, as Arnold was known back then, stayed at church in my office where he was played with occasionally. Then Annalivia became fascinated with babies and the baby could not be left at church and was then the car doll. Eventually he worked his way into the garage where he hung out for a long time in a little dolly stroller that Annalivia would push whenever Daniel and I went out for walks. (See exhibit A). Around this time, Annalivia changed his name to Arnold and moved him inside.
Exhibit A

While Arnold has not been granted co-sleeping priveleges yet, he is the go-to doll for acrobatic routines, baths and swimming pool sessions. (See exhibit B).
Exhibit B
Today Arnold and Annalivia were doing a stunt wherein Annalivia would stand about 4 feet from Daniel's swing and throw Arnold into it. If she "made the basket," so to speak, she would yell, "Yay!! I did it!!" If Arnold happened to miss the swing, she would pick him and kiss him and say in her most sympathetic, pampering voice, "Ooooohhhhh, poor Arnold." Then she'd toss him at the swing again.
Poor Arnold, indeed. My guess is that Arnold liked his life as Jesus much better.


Amy said...


Jan said...

You write so well in describing your family! I love this story about Arnold and Annalivia!

Andrea said...

This is so funny! I really like to read your blog. My hubby Kurt rides to work with your hubby. =)

Arlene said...

That is too funny. Reminds me of how I treated my dolls and stuffed animals. I enjoyed the story about Marissa's wedding, too. And the pics were great!

Tell Marissa congrats for me.

jill said...

I heart Annalivia and her antics. Poor Arnold, indeed! Somehow, I'm fairly certain that Jesus would think that this story is rockin' hilarious, too. THANK YOU for the out-loud-guffaws!!