06 September 2007

How to make a dish towel bib

Today I realized, while feeding Daniel at lunch, that the little terry cloth bibs we have for him are not doing diddley-squat in terms of keeping prunes off of his clothing. When we got to this point with Annalivia, I turned to an idea I had found long before I had children in a Martha Stewart Kids magazine and made a couple of bibs out of dish clothes. They are great because they cover so much more of the child and are not only absorbent, but also very washable. All of those that we already have, however, are pink and in use by his proprietary sister, so during the kids' nap/ rest time, I made a couple of these bibs for Daniel.

I had not planned to make them, so I just used a couple of towels I had around. My favorite towels are the 100% cotton flour sack kind, but these will work, also. I saw that K-Mart has some cool bandana-print towels by Martha Stewart Living and I think I'll go and get those to make some more for Daniel. Last year, pre-accident, I had even bought a couple of printed seasonal dishtowels to make a Thanksgiving bib and a Christmas bib. That didn't happen, but maybe I'll do it this year.

I benefit so much from reading about other bloggers' creative projects. And maybe everyone out there who would do these already know about them, but in case somebody else will benefit from this idea, here is the tutorial.


Jan said...

Wish I'd thought of that when I had small children. I'll try to remember when I have grandchildren!

Amy said...

I also used waist aprons, and tied them around my kids necks. I still use it for my three year old. It doubles a napkin, so she's not tempted use her pretty dress or fresh shirt as a napkin.

April said...

Thanks, Jan. And that's a great idea, Amy!