16 September 2007

Our weekend

We've had a very nice weekend here. The weather has been beautiful, food has been plentiful, and family has been delightful. I am getting around better. And Dennis gets to go back to work tomorrow and take a break from 24/7 caregiving.

In the time he's been home, however, the kids have had a real treat. Annalivia and her babies were treated to a pretty cool house.

And Daniel and Annalivia and Arnold got to go on a chilly morning walk with Daddy. Apparently Daddy's concern for proper outerwear only extends to his own children. Poor Arnold.
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Jan said...

I love the pictures of your kiddos. You are certainly blessed!

Amalee Issa said...

You lucky lots, what a lovely weekend you have all made for yourselves. Annalivia just looks so gorgeous and scrunchy scrunchy. "Scrunchy scrunchy" is the ridiculous nonsense I always say when I see toddlers at Annalivia's age; I just want to curl them up into a ball and cuddle them - I love the way their legs just seem to take on a curvey look at this age. So lovely! I'm laughing as I type, remembering my two at this age. Thanks for the unexpected trip down memory lane, April!