14 September 2007

In the meantime... vol. 2

I'm highly drugged and unable to complete coherent sentences. So, in the meantime, here's some info I'd like to disseminate....
Lo about two years ago, I put down my self-imposed ignorance and isolation and introduced myself to the theological world beyond my comfort zone. Previous to that, I had convinced myself that most conservatives and evangelicals were uneducated and uninformed. Turned out that I was the one who was uneducated and uninformed. I was enjoying living in a little cardboard box that really only had room for me. I didn't even realize that poor Jesus couldn't fit.
Anyway, choosing to willingly expose myself to theology that stretches and challenges me has been a great instructor. I have greatly enjoyed the practice of holding seemingly incongruous thoughts in my head at the same time. I have learned so much from the Spirit just by approaching Christianity as something I don't recognize or have all figured out!
I've noticed that lots of Christian bloggers like to be stretched. But some of the time, exploration of difference in the blogosphere or anywhere on the internet, actually, becomes dogmatic debate. Chrisitians of any ilk have a tendency to lob theology bombs in these conversations and if we can be clever or sarcastic in doing so, well... more points for our side.
And while I'm all for a good arm-pumping, "BOOYAH!!" every once in a while, I want to point out something unique I came across yesterday. An excellent example of gracious conversation can be seen here and here. I can't really add anything to the discussion, because I think it is just one of those that doesn't resolve, but I am SO IMPRESSED by the respect shown in these women's views. And most of the commenters follow suit, I think. Well done, Makeesha and Angela. Thanks for challenging the box with such wisdom. Very, very cool.


musicmommy3 said...

Thanks for the shoutout. I'm honored, really. :)

How are you feeling? Is God answering our prayers? :):)

I was so glad to "see" that even under meds you are still blogging. :):)

Take it easy. Many blessings and prayers for speedy healing in the Name of the Lord Jesus Christ. :):)

more cows than people said...

you regularly inspire me to stretch, april.

and i pray you're healing well.

the brownies must have helped.