27 September 2007

Finally fall

It is has been a slow recovery here from this last surgery. A cumbersome cast means few posts, but also means we get helpers visiting us and making life much better. My sistah, Lil, came up with her kiddos one day. Sistah, Roo, was here on her birthday to help and let me sleep most of the morning. Grandpa Bob is here right now and Great-grandpa Kaywin just went home this afternoon. But before he went home, we had a little fun outside in the fall weather.

Annalivia had a great time performing for Gramps.

She especially enjoyed playing house with Arnold and sending him down the slide.

Daniel had a pretty good time on the swingset.

His particular enjoyment was this delicious belt buckle.
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more cows than people said...

i was just thinking "i wonder how april's recovery is going." and then my feed service when "ding!" and word arrived!

sorry to hear your recovery is slow going. grateful to hear of the blessing of family presence.

and always love pictures of your lovely ones.

love the picture with gramps.

((((april)))) good to hear from you.

Jan said...

April, take care. And thank you for the wonderful pictures of your children! They are adorable.

Cara said...

Aww, hope your recovery speeds up! Your children, as always, are darling! Hannah loves the buckle the best too :)

Geoffrey said...

Hope you are doing better. We sure missed you yesterday. I will have Rhys' baptism on DVD for you to see later. Until then, you can read about it on my blog!

Blessings and healing,