08 September 2007

Some sweet things

I just need to record some of these for future remembrances.
I love how Annalivia will come into a room and see something and say, "Wow! That's really, really cool, Mommy!" Only she pronounces it like "Dat's rilly, rilly kooh-il"
Sometimes she'll open up the curtains and will say, "Wow! It's so beautiful out!"
When Daniel coughs or sneezes, she always asks, "Ok, Daniel?" She will also instruct him at other times, "Daniel, stop fussin'!"
Occasionally, she will see my painted toenails and say, "Yo' toes are pink?" And I'll say yes. Then she'll ask if she can kiss them. And she does.
When one says, "thank you" to her, she almost always answers, "You're welcome" which sounds like "Yakelcome."
She has taken to getting out of the bath and, while wrapped in her towel, has begun running around yelling, "Run away! Run away!"
And if she wants something -- milk, apples, pizza, sushi, and one says in a deciphering tone, "You want some sushi?" she will generally say, "ok" or "Yeah, of course." Like it's just the most natural thing in the world to be asking for sushi or whatever it is she is requesting.
Sometimes she pretends to sleep and will pull up whatever it is she is using as a cover -- a towel, a blanket, my clothing -- and will give these big sighing yawns and fake stretches. Then she'll lie down and pretend to sleep, then pretend to wake up and do it all over again.
She has taken to jumping off of the couch to the floor. If she lands badly she usually says, "Whoops! Sorreee!"
Whenever we are in the car for any length of time, we have to sing every song she knows. She always asks for them by their full names. The alphabet song is requested by asking, "ABCDEFG?"


The Waltons said...

I love it! Isn't it such a blessing to be able to recount all those seemingly little things that come with parenthood/toddlerhood? It helps to go back and review those things when you're having an "I'd really like to duct-tape you to a chair" kind of day! Now, are you scrapbooking these moments as well? That's my fave way to savor the little things... Smiles!

Jan said...

So wonderful to hear all this! I wish I'd written down those cute sayings of my children (and I have four), but they're lost in time. Good job!

Andrea said...

So cute! Sounds like Landen!