17 September 2007

In the meantime...vol. 4

For Lillia, my supah sewing sistah, and any other crafty folks, there is a very, very sweet baby shoe tutorial here.

And a bunch of other hip tutorials here.

Feel free to send me samples of your handiness.


~liz said...

so funny - i downloaded and printed out the pattern for these booties a week or so ago. i can't wait to try them - i just finished a few bibs for my new niece due next month...perhaps i should try these and throw them in the gift package...aren't those bows adorable????

Andrea said...

These shoes are so cute! Landen has such big feet that we have trouble buying him shoes, if Amelia has the same problem I don't know what I'm going to do. . . she's a girl! She has to have more shoes than what a boy does. I can't sew worth a darn but I'm totally going to try these. =)

Andrea said...

ps... Do you care if I link to your post so my friends can see what you got up?

April said...

Hi, liz! :) Don't you wish adults could wear that sort of thing and not look stupid?

Andrea, I thought about Amelia when I saw them and you when I posted! Both of my kids have huge feet! Luckily, little girls' shoes are cute for a long time.

And, go ahead and link away! Oh, and post a pic if you make them!

Jan said...

Cute little shoes--wait till I'm a Grandma!