29 April 2008

Prairie Girl and Farm Boy

Sunday evening was really quite beautiful, if a little chilly. We had an opportunity to take a dinner-time drive and went out to Dennis' mom's house in the country. The cousins were there so Annalivia ran around with them and Daddy took a moment to introduce his son to Daniel's late grandfather's tractors.

I swear this zen-tractor look must be passed down on the Y chromosome in Dennis' family.

As soon as we took him off the tractor, he fussed to get back on. It was a pretty sweet companion to Annalivia's braids whipping in the wind as she ran around.

She asked me to put the braids and bows in her hair on Sunday morning. I was surprised the bows lasted until the evening.
Especially since she was just a little more than a tad ornery all day.


Anonymous said...

perhaps the braids are ornery-ness go hand in hand? you should do a case study. slip in a placibo. :)

Shalom said...

Cutest. Kids. Ever. :)

Also, excellent photography skills on your part.