05 April 2008

Big day

Today I was supposed to go to my alma mater for an alumni board meeting. I was feeling kind of icky last night and also this morning when I got up to get ready, so I decided to stay home.
It was a good decision to do so. It was an absolutely gorgeous day here -- got up to 63 degrees, I think! And as long as I didn't eat anything, I felt pretty good. Dennis and the kids and I were in the backyard most of the day and worked on it ready for spring and then moved on to the garage which is need of a huge rescue. We made a dent, which is good.
After the outside work, we came inside and everyone took a bath/ shower, and then Dennis and I tackled our hall closet. It's an odd closet between the bathroom and bedrooms that just ends up being junky. I needed a place to store all of my CVS finds, so we cleaned it all up. It's just lovely. Right now the door is open to it and we keep walking by and sighing because it all looks so nice.
We are in the midst of a massive reformation and redistribution of our possessions. What we should have done when Dennis and I got married and conflated our stuff into one ranch style home, we are doing now with lots of kids' stuff thrown in the mix. We have big plans and the garage and hall closet are key to all of them.
I am going to start taking before and after pictures. Hopefully, by the time summer is over, no one will recognize this house!


more cows than people said...

woohoo! how exciting! good for you!

The Passarelli's said...

I just added you to my blog friends as I see I am on your list.
Nice to know you April.

Andrea said...

Isn't this weather beautiful? We're going to cry when it gets chilly again.. if it does. We went to White Pines yesterday and have been outside all today. Yay spring! Good for you guys getting everything cleaned up.. doesn't that feel good? We did the basement a few weeks ago. It was horrible and we've only been here two years. Kurt was making us keep too many boxes. GRRR!!!! Ha ha ha!