20 April 2008

Closet Episcopalian

Today we had our concert. In addition to some Mozart and Strauss, the choir sang three gorgeous, lovely, wondrous English choral anthems. It led me to contemplate for the millionth time a conversion.
My mom came up for the concert and managed to get in one of her trademark "BRAVO!!"s. She has them perfectly timed in that space between the end of a piece and the beginning of the clapping. This time, the piece deserved it. It was incredible -- 30 piece orchestra, full choir, four operatic soloists, amazing organ -- all singing full voice the words of Paul. I could almost not sing, it was so glorious. Mom said she felt like she was lifted out of her seat by it and that if anyone had looked at her, they would have seen a beam of light shooting out of her head. The whole audience leapt to their feet in applause. We were all glowing afterwards.
After the concert, on our way home, we realized we had sent my drivers license home with Mom, so, thanks to miracle of cell phones, she turned back and we intersected her in the country. It was lovely to spend a little more time with Dennis, right in that sweet time before the sun sets. It was a beautiful day and the light was just enchanting, the birds singing, and the grass smelling sweet and warm. It was a perfect concert, in and of itself, a little Spring symphony to end the day.

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more cows than people said...

glad it was so glorious.

closet episcopalian, eh? people have accused me of this, but... um... no.

my mom converted (in the direction of your fantasies) when i was in college. she's been happy, happy, happy (with church) ever since.

i'm so darn presby it is silly.