18 April 2008

Date night

Dennis and I got to go on a date tonight. We went over to the Quad Cities. We had a nice drive down -- it was drizzling, but the grass has become bright green this week, the bluettes are carpeting farmhouse lawns, and we have flocks and flocks of pelicans in our area right now, pausing here as they migrate north. We stopped at a Christian bookstore and picked up some little presents for door prizes for the Mother's Day breakfast, then went to the hospital so I could visit a quasi-parishioner (thus qualifying this date for a mileage reimbursement). Then we had dinner at a local pizza place -- a dive in the best sense with very good, slightly quirky pizza. Then we headed home.
And when we got home, my mother in law had the children in bed and the house straightened up and vacuumed. She is so incredibly generous sometimes.
This was a very, very nice evening.


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StephandRandy said...

I love it when I come into a freshly vaccuumed house. We use the fresh linens scent from glade. I love it. I especially love that the windows can be open now. Glad you had a nice date night. S.