22 April 2008


I hurt my back today. I was doing a radical move of bending over to pick up mustard, salad dressing and jelly that a helpful little boy had put on the floor and the lower part of my back just sort of seized up. I have no idea how I did it. I was bending over angrily, though. Suffice to say, I have learned my lesson. Angry-me makes everything hurt.
This happened one other time in my life before Dennis and I got engaged and I attended a birthday party of one of his nephews. It was a bowling party and I was trying to be enthusiastic and energetic and very impressive, helping the little ones and spending most of two hours bent over. I wasn't angry that time. Just stupid. After it, I could hardly walk, but, I think, the pain went away the next day.
This morning, my crippling occurred as the kids and I were leaving the house. It got really bad after I had to rescue my son from an evil patch of grass that was ensnaring him, thus rendering him motionless and unable to walk. I came home, took some Vicodin left over from my wrist surgeries and laid on the couch. Dennis stayed home from school tonight and the drugs made me feel nauseous and sleepy, so I laid down in bed with Daniel about 6 a.m. and we both fell asleep. I got up at 11:30 p.m. and am heading back to bed now, with another dose of drugs. My back is feeling a little better, I think, but, truthfully, most everything is numb thanks to the codeine.
Is this what people mean when they say their backs "went out"? If so, I'm hoping mine comes in before morning.


marlo said...

hey apey,
yeah, sounds like your back "went out." i have a really bad lower back and it usually goes out a couple times a year. blech. i always say it feels like all the muscles in my lower back snap at the same time and it is terribly painful. i've had it so bad that i can't even roll over or sit up out of bed. i literally had to have chris get me out of bed. terrible, terrible pain. i'm terrified i'm going to blow it out while i'm pregnant and fall or something. sheesh.
hope you feel better soon. a hot tub always helps, if you have access, or even a hot bath would feel nice, i'm sure. try to stretch it out, if you can. if your hamstrings are really tight, that can make it worse. so, just like our leatherface, aerosol hairspray gym teacher used to say, STRETCH LADIES!

(what was her name???)


April said...

Oooh, Maria. That sounds terrible. I'm better today.

DON'T hurt yourself! I'm glad it's almost summer and that you're a Canuck now so it won't be too, too hot.