24 April 2008

Dinner cooked in a convenient kitchen

This weekend, Dennis put some shelves up in the dining room of our house. The parsonage is a typical ranch style. It has a little kitchen and very little storage (and Dennis and I are packrats, which does not help.) Up to this point, we had too much stuff on the counters, but Dennis' shelf installation allowed me to move pretties to the shelves, then we moved the microwave to The Impossible Corner and... voila! We have an entire counter on which to cook!

The lamp is not supposed to be there. It was Dennis' grandmother's lamp and one of the many projects he completed last weekend was re-wiring it and cleaning it up. It's there because it's a great little size for that counter and the cord is long enough to move it out of the way and then move it back to the outlet later.

I'm going to mooooove it because it's obviously a nursery lamp. But isn't it sweet? (We looked on eBay to see if we could find one similar so both kids' would have one. The one we found sold for $75!)I like the way it kind of fits in with the kitty cat cookie jar -- just like Grammy's -- and Annalivia's milk pitcher, which were the whole reason to put up shelves to begin with.

It's just so nice to cook dinner in a kitchen that is sort of functional. Seven years into my stay here, it's nice to finally figure this out!


Anonymous said...

a triumph indeed!


Jen said...

I know what you mean. My kitchen is the first and usually only place that gets organized, de-cluttered, cleaned, decorated...It seems like home life centers around the kitchen, so it needs to be functional and pretty.
I love the cookie jar and lamp!

musicmommy3 said...

Oh those countertops bring back memories!! My parents have those in both kitchens and both bathrooms. :)

The Passarelli's said...

You can never have enough counter space. I have a small kitchen and it drives me crazy. I love that lamp.