01 March 2007

Overwhelming tiredness

Oh man, I am tired. Tired in the way that I keep falling asleep sitting up and anytime I sit down, my whole inside just seems to settle downwards. Tired in the sense that when I do fall asleep, I sleep way too hard to be a good mother right now.
I've ditched some of my friends this weekend because of it. This weekend was to hold a visit from Jimmy and Joby, my seminary homeboys -- two of my dearest friends who basically hauled me through seminary despite my kicking, screaming, and crying. I don't know what I would have done without them. Trina is my best friend from my childhood. We became best friends in fifth grade and have matured (at least a little) together and have granted each other a good deal of grace in the process, for which I am continually grateful. Somewhere along the line, Trina came to visit me when I was in seminary and the boy who lived next door to me came in the room, eventually stuck his finger in her ear in a bizarre form of flirting, and three years later, they married. They added little Ethan to their family two months after Annalivia joined ours. The rest is history.
Anyway, the amigos were all to visit this weekend, but I've cancelled on them. Ditched them, I think, would be accurate. Daniel has been reacting poorly to formula and sleeping badly. The poor little guy's belly gets hard and he grunts and groans and then cries for a long while. I keep thinking that if he'd just nurse, this would all work itself out. But perhaps not. Trying to entice a baby to nurse is not exactly the kind of entertainment I want to share with others, even these dearest of friends. That's my excuse, but the truth is I'm just so darn tired. So I've ditched them. I'm sad though. I hadn't realized how much I was looking forward to seeing them.
Instead, we are going to be spending the next couple of days recharging (I hope). Dennis has been working so hard this week, staying up every night to finish papers and getting far too little sleep. Annalivia has been entertaining herself while I take naps on the couch whenever Daniel sleeps. I think we all need to spend some time lounging around together, playing, and sleeping whenever possible.
And maybe we'll be over the big tiredness by Saturday when Dennis' family is going to be visiting and Sunday when we are going to go down to celebrate Annalivia's birthday and take Daniel to meet my family. That's my hope at least.

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Jimmy said...

well lord knows we got to experience "tired" april back in the day...

so we are glad to let you rest that we might get to play (and meet sir daniel) another day.

ha. and we thought that all night paper writing followed by a youth group lock-in followed by youth sunday was a hard weekend. whew. those were the days.