07 March 2007

The family bed

We have a big king-sized bed and though the kids have their own places to sleep, they often end up with us, sometimes, like last night, sooner, rather than later. And though I sometimes think of the family bed as an inconvenience, last night as Annalivia pressed herself into my back and threw her arm around me, and Daniel snuggled into my side, and Dennis let out a long sigh in his sleep, I realized that if life never got any better than this, it would be great beyond measure. We have a family to put in our bed. What a gift.

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A. Lin said...

I'll be remembering this post tonight as I get kicked by a 4 year old and have to settle a 20-month old when he awakes around 4 AM. My family bed seems to be getting smaller. Thank goodness for bed rails.