06 March 2007

Slow-ish return

Yesterday marked the end of Phase I of my maternity leave -- absence from the pulpit, and therefore, more understandable absence from the rest of the workings of the church. I've been fielding phone calls since two hours into that part of the leave, but for the most part, I was gone. It was nice.
But now we're onto the beginning of Phase II or what I called "Slow Return." Basically, I proposed that instead of the 6 week leave I took with Annalivia, this time I'd take 4 weeks off of preaching and then over the next four weeks, be involved in preaching and whatever I could do, but not be expected to be in the office during the day.
Which I'm glad I stipulated because this week holds two meetings, one choir rehearsal and one mid-week worship service, and a board meeting. And I have to write a sermon and do a bulletin for the first time in a month. Ick.
Why isn't there something in the "take up your cross and follow" passage that exempts parents until they are sleeping at least 6 hours at a time? I'll talk this over with Jesus and let y'all know if he has reconsidered.

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