28 March 2007

I guess social graces come later

Yesterday, after the funeral for our patriarch, I came home to pick up Annalivia and Daniel and take them to church for the funeral lunch. I had dressed Annalivia in one of her cutest spring dresses, complete with bobby socks and shoes the same color of the dress. She was behaving wonderfully, too, greeting people right and left and smiling. Oh, and also she was holding onto my hand and walking beside me. Those of you who know her can imagine how proud Mommy was at this rare and timely convergence of appropriate manners and behavior.
So we walked into the fellowship hall at church and went to say hello to the ladies in the kitchen. Annalivia walked in and smiled at everyone, saying hello, engaged in some chit chat with some of the ladies, then when she had everyone's attention, proceeded to grab her diaper area and shout (and I do mean SHOUT), "Poooooooooop!"
Yes. Well. Like I said, I guess social graces come a little later.


The Passarelli's said...

Thanks again for visiting my blog and leaving such a nice comment to me. I don't have a lot of time right now, butI will return to yours soon. I also wanted to say that your baby and daughter are so beautiful.

Visit anytime, Mike

Jimmy said...

nice. very nice.

at least the ladies have something funny talk about at the next cwf mtg.

Jimmy said...

oh, and i do believe our hyacinth would be most proud.