21 March 2007

Blog bump

Since Daniel was born, I've had a hard time posting to this here weblog. I've started about 10 posts that are in various stages of completion before they were interrupted by either Daniel or Annalivia's needs. I may or may not finish them.
The other stumbling block is the stuff that is on my mind. When I became a parent, I was amazed at how fascinating one's child's biological functions become. Basically, a newborn sleeps, eats and evacuates. The sleeping and eating are pretty standard, even if there is a sore lack of the former and the latter has some problem-solving associated with it. Which leaves evacuation to be the focus of one's thoughts. And really, no one except my husband is interested in it (and he, like me, is disturbingly interested in it), so I've been choosing to spare y'all.
But I've been thinking a lot. And eventually, one of these days, I'll post something of interest. Maybe.

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